Our Story

Our story is simple. Serendipity brought two friends from the Direct Sales industry back together to discuss their respective businesses. They quickly realized both had a logistics problem that needed an elegant solution.

After over a year of research and discussions with logistics leaders around the globe, they formed a strategic alliance with the single company that satisfied all the criteria necessary to help provide a solution to the personal consumption problem they discovered. You see, the problem is that Direct Sales companies are eager to expand their businesses into foreign markets, but it can be a very lengthy and expensive proposition. If you go international too soon, you can incur staggering costs and major scalability and legal issues. BUT what if you had a way to allow international consumers to buy your brand retail without all that overhead and risk? This is a dilemma that really hadn't been solved... until now. Enter Bullfrog Logistics, powered by their exclusive partnership with MyUS.

The core idea here is a simple concept in theory, but one that can be difficult to execute in practice. Currently for most Direct Sales companies, there is no simple way for customers in foreign countries to buy products from direct sales distributors until the company has gone through an international launch and is fully up and running in that country. NO problem with Bullfrog and MyUS. We set up and provide the necessary US postal address for routing and provide very cost appropriate pricing for shipping products from the Direct Sales company to virtually any foreign market. This is a breakthrough enabling direct selling companies to open new markets based on actual sales and not speculation. Direct Sales companies can now test markets with actual distributor retail sales volume from actual local consumers in a new foreign region, allowing companies to make data-driven decisions on product acceptance, feasible price points etc.

These two entrepreneurs then set out to surround themselves with the right people to effectively bring this solution to life - people with great experience in Direct Sales Logistics, and Software Development. Collectively our management team has over three decades of "in-the-field" DS building experience around the globe. Additionally, our Executive team has decades of in-house operations experience. We know the Direct Sales industry and its challenges, and we have formulated the right platform at the right time in today's rapidly changing and technology-driven world. Our team also includes top software development managers and architects, customer service specialists, and others to ensure a smooth, cost effective solution. For Bullfrog, success means that we help provide such a solid consumer experience that we don't just solve a 20 year industry logistics problem, but rather we build long-term raving fans out of Direct Sales companies' customers, which can open the door for another profitable market.

If you would like to take advantage of the solutions we've built, test the waters of foreign markets before spending large amounts on international launches, and allow personal consumption orders from foreign consumers right now, contact us today. Let's find out how our solutions will benefit your company. Allow Bullfrog to help you serve your GLOBAL marketplace!